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Marcus Giamatti is a wonderful actor and a consummate professional.  He takes his craft seriously and understands the demands of production. He's a great creative partner and an absolute pleasure to know.

Carol Barbee
Executive Producer/Writer

I met Marcus in 1996 when I cast him as young Marlow in my Guthrie Theatre production of SHE STOOPS TO CONQUER. He was endlessly inventive in rehearsal, invariably drawn to active, positive choices and most definitely qualified as a company leader. I have been very lucky over the years in the company I have kept. Marcus is among the most positive and creative forces I've ever encountered in the rehearsal room.
He is a wonderfully trained actor who has been highly successful across the breadth of his profession.

Doug Hughes
Theater Director

I had the pleasure of studying with Marcus in both classroom and private coaching sessions and found him to be the best training I have ever had in my entire career.  He went above and beyond what any coach has ever done for me!  He understands actors and knows how to cater to your exact coaching needs

Laura Orrico

Professionalism, passion, and fun all come together wherever you find yourself sharing a stage with Marcus Giamatti. A keen observer of every aspect of production, a go-to talent who's ready for anything, makes the job look easy, and plays bass. You're covered.

Barbara Hall
Executive Producer/Writer

Marcus Giamatti brings an intelligence and integrity to his work that both eases the director's burden and elevates the work. These are the qualities he will bring into the room as a teacher.

Andrew Robinson

If you are looking for someone who makes you do the work; helps you find your way, and through the kind of experience and knowledge that can only be honed through years of professional stage and screen work well, then you are in the right place. Marcus Giamatti directed me through one of the most difficult pieces of my career and I am a better man because of his help.

Alexander Kariotis

Marcus reminded me how important good script analysis is in this crazy town of ours.
He pushed me to make choices and dig deeper. I'm a better actor because of him.

Ross Buran

It's about instincts. Marcus possesses instincts in abundance. He intuits where to go with a scene and a text. And his instincts don't lie. If I've made a mistake, steered a scene in a wrong direction, he let's me know—not in his words, but in his actions. He's a truth beacon in rehearsal. That's invaluable.

Phil Soltanoff

I met Marcus Giamatti in 1984 in grad school when I first directed him in a play; he immediately showed me that he was an actor to be reckoned with.  His creative fire is merged with an ability to craft a performance using the nuts and bolts of a technique he has worked to master over all these years. I have watched Marcus hone that craft and pass it along to young artists who want to do more than just memorize a scene; Marcus helps actors learn to build a career.

Dylan Baker

I approached Marcus for mentorship after discovering his early journey as an actor was very similar to mine. His guidance has given me greater confidence in my work, a clearer understanding of the business, and most importantly – a renewed sense of artistic peace. Having his support has inspired me to embrace even more of who I am as an artist. And for that, I can't thank him enough.

Brandon Butler

I had the enormous pleasure of working with Marcus over several years on a network show. He's a deeply intuitive actor, as well as an incredible intelligent one (a rare combination!), who brings a sense of play and his own quirky humor to everything he does. He also happens to be one of the kindest individuals you'll ever meet (another rarity in Hollywood!).

Danny Futterman

I audited classes in LA for a long time before finding Marcus.  He focuses each of his students individually, asks great questions, and most importantly…he tells the truth. His personalized instruction and intense character study have made a huge difference in my auditions and bookings!  He helped me find the attention to detail I'd been lacking.

Jolene Kay

Marcus Giamatti provides a solid depth of pathos in any environ. Working alongside him in Judging Amy was a constant study in quiet resonance. I hope to get the great fortune again.

Adrian Pasdar

Marcus Giamatti brings to his teaching a wealth of experience and a keen eye that students find dead-on and inspiring.

Mike Timoney

Marcus is all about growth, in your career as well as your craft. Every actor has questions and uncertainties about the business, what to expect, not to expect, ect. He's cleared up many things for me, and his class has personally been my best investment as an actor so far. I booked one commercial after taking his free intro workshop at Actors Key West. I booked another commercial and an indie film after only 3 weeks of invested work with him. Marcus wants you to be a working actor and to be confident in your own abilities.  In my experience, many people in Hollywood, in the business, running classes or not, are likely to waste your time with self-professed mumbo jumbo. Marcus is not one of them. In fact, your time is something he values to great extent. The openness to his approach allows for a safe working environment and gives a very practical use for your profession. Like any other line of work, you need the proper tools with which to build. He will give you the opportunity to use those tools at your will, which is very much required of us to do as actors.

Beau Bowles



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